Television Title Role Director
BBC DOCTORS Sophie Dowell Christiana Ebohan
Feature Film Title Role Director
Nova Inc Film & TV SMALL CREATURES Amy Martin Wallace
Stage Title Role Director
Ministry Of Fun GROTTO FANTASTICA Fairy Cindy Matt Grist
Smooth Faced Gentlemen OTHELLO Brabantio | Clown | Lodovico Yaz Al-Shaater
Smooth Faced Gentlemen TITUS ANDRONICUS Saturninus | Nurse Yaz Al-Shaater
The Travelling Storybox THE TRUE HISTORY OF LITTLE GOLDEN HOOD Grandmother Wilderness Festival
Everyword | Everyman Theatre FORGIVE THEM Chantelle Dan Meigh
Everyman Theatre JULIUS CAESER Pindarus Dan Meigh
First Break Productions WHAT WAS IT LIKE IN THE WAR NAN Amy Sylvie Gatrill