Television Title Role Director
Mammoth Screen | ITV THE TOWER (SERIES 3) Michelle Rene van Pannevis
BBC One TIME (SERIES 2) Sonographer Andrea Harkin
BBC One DOCTORS Sophie Dowell Christiana Ebohan
Feature Film Title Role Director
Nova Inc Film & TV SMALL CREATURES Amy Martin Wallace
Stage Title Role Director
Ministry Of Fun GROTTO FANTASTICA Fairy Cindy Matt Grist
Smooth Faced Gentlemen OTHELLO Brabantio | Clown | Lodovico Yaz Al-Shaater
Smooth Faced Gentlemen TITUS ANDRONICUS Saturninus | Nurse Yaz Al-Shaater
The Travelling Storybox THE TRUE HISTORY OF LITTLE GOLDEN HOOD Grandmother Wilderness Festival
Everyword | Everyman Theatre FORGIVE THEM Chantelle Dan Meigh
Everyman Theatre JULIUS CAESER Pindarus Dan Meigh
First Break Productions WHAT WAS IT LIKE IN THE WAR NAN Amy Sylvie Gatrill