Television Title Role Director
BBC CASUALTY James Head David Innes Edwards
Tall Story Pictures | ITV THE BAY Tyler Quinn Faye Gilbert | Nicole Volavka
Lime Pictures HOLLYOAKS Rob Various Directors
Stage Title Role Director
Up 'Ere Productions ROOTS Jake John O'Neil
Up 'Ere Productions A MOTHER'S SON James John O'Neil
Up 'Ere Productions SMOKING IN BED Lily John O'Neil
Up 'Ere Productions ARTICLE 10 Simon Kitty Ball
Storyhouse BLUE STOCKINGS Lloyd Elle While
InkBrew Productions THE ADHESION OF LOVE Warry, Fred Wild and Phrenologist Helen Parry
Film Title Role Director
Half Sun Entertainment LIGHT THROUGH COLOURED GLASS Dan Mike Clarke
Paranoid Android Films PUNCH | WORKING TITLE Daryl Andy Edwards
Baby Dog Productions ONCE A YEAR ON BLACKPOOL SANDS Tommy Price Karlton Parriss
COMMERCIAL Title Role Director
McDonald's MCDONALD'S - MORNINGS Sleeping Builder Simon Ratigan
Nike NIKE - WINNER STAYS ON Crowd Member Ringan Ledwidge