Television Title Role Director
King of Sunshine Productions MEET THE RICHARDSONS Dog Rescue Centre Worker Lee Hupfield | Eddie Stafford
Tiger Aspect | ITV BENIDORM Noreen | Doreen Duncan Foster
York University Theatre Film and Television Dept GHOSTS Mrs Alving Oscar Udbye
Stage Title Role Director
Other Lives Productions SKIN DEEP Judy Richard Avery
Folk Theatre STEALING SEVEN HENS Barrister | Sarah Dunhill Richard Avery
Other Lives Productions LANDMARKS Mrs Mayse Richard Avery
Other Lives Productions BOTTOM'S DREAM Titania | The Duchess Clive Kneller
Create Arts Development WHAT THE SEA SAW Joan Madeleine O'Reilly
Swan Theatre Company A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG Pam Bill Ramsbottom
Bangor Studio Theatre A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE Peggy Graham Laker
Clap Trap Productions IMPACT Gwendoline Chalmers Kate Cawte
Bangor Studio Theatre THE COUNTRY WIFE Lady Fidget Michael Platt
Clap Trap Productions THE GOOD DOCTOR Multi Role Gareth Jenkins
Clap Trap Productions THE RAPE QUEEN Megan Doyle Gareth Jenkins
Bangor Studio Theatre TOUCHED Joan Linda Fitzsimmons
Bangor Studio Theatre VINEGAR TOM Alice Maggie O'Neill
Commercial Title Role Director
DRP Group REDROW | NATIONAL CAMPAIGN Home Owner Neil Gregory
The Gate Films REDROW The Nesters Barry Kimber
The Gate Films ETIHAD AIRWAYS Featured Passenger Simon Lewis