Television Title Role Director
Lime Pictures HOLLYOAKS Rachel Christine Lalla
Film Title Role Director
TBOS Film THE BAY OF SILENCE Nurse Paula Van Der Oest
Stage Title Role Director
Inkbrew Productions | BBC THE BBC'S FIRST HOMOSEXUAL Multi-role Oliver Hurst
HER Productions VIGNETTES Janice Rachel McMurray
North West Tour SMALL HISTORIES Loretta Kerry Kawai
Hope Mill Theatre HAMLET Polonius Kayleigh Hawkins
Oldham Coliseum | The Lowry PURGE Doctor Kayleigh Hawkins
Inkbrew Productions BURNLEY'S LESBIAN LIBERATOR & THE BURNLEY BUGGERS' BALL Susan Helen Parry | Matt Hassall
Palace Theatre VOICES Millicent Jim Cartwright
Inkbrew Productions DIE DIANA Princess Diana Stephen M. Hornby
Octagon Theatre Bolton A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE Neighbour David Thacker
Commerical Title Role Director
The Mob Films HAMMONDS FURNITURE Ruth Jon Dennis
Space Digital SAFESTYLE WINDOWS Homeowner Hardey Speight