Television Title Role Director
ITV VERA P.C. Lisa Hendrix Khurrum M.Sultan
Lime Pictures HOLLYOAKS Amber Emma Bodger
Dorothy Urban STEVEN WRIGHT RECONSTRUCTION Annalie | Paula James Statham
Feature Film Title Role Director
Pretty Bird And Public Dreams | BBC Films IN CAMERA Nurse Naqqash Khalid
Stage Title Role Director
HER Productions VIGNETTES | XYV X Ravi Thornton
Girl Gang ROMEO AND JULIET Romeo Kayleigh Hawkins
People Zoo PLANET CARAVAN Professor Lizard Matthew Holt & Evelyn Roberts
Lizi Patch PUNCHING THE SKY Medea Mark Hollander
Oldham Coliseum GMP | TOUR Police Officer | Old Woman | Becky Chris Lawson
Commercial Title Role Director
Dark Energy Films WALKERS Cat Meme Julia Mortimore
Tungsten Media PILGRIMS CHOICE: TASTE MATTERS Girlfriend Simon Neal
Chief Productions THE GYM GROUP Hero Staff Kyle Shephard
Circus Title Role Director
Camp Pillsbury Circus SILKS PARTNER PERFORMANCE Silks Performer Various
Music Video Title Role Director
You Boy Films TOM GREGORY RIVER Girl In Car Charlie Watts