Film Title Role Director
BBC | BFI | Kleio Films | Great Point Media BLUE JEAN Jill Georgia Oakley
Stage Title Role Director
Blowin' A Hooley HADDAWAY AND WRITE Lyla | Becca Christopher Strain
Stolen Thread Productions ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS Tweedledum | Red Knight | Tiger Lily Will Travis
Alphabetti Theatre COLD Girl Lucy Curry
Blowin' A Hooley CINDERELLA'S DILEMMA Cindy | Snow White Micky McGregor
Theatre Space NE CIC MACBETH Witch | Murderer | Seyton | Messenger Corinne Kilvington
The Customs House CHERRYADE SUPERNOVA Lily Abigail Lawson
Theatre Space NE CIC HANSEL AND GRETEL Gretel Corinne Kilvington
Oldham Coliseum ADVENT PLAYS Chloe Chris Lawson
Commercial Title Role Director
Premier League Productions NUFC Fan Robert Porter