Television Title Role Director
Red Productions THE STRANGER Liam Collersdale Hannah Quinn
Lime Pictures HOLLYOAKS Barry Adrian Bean
BBC | Big Talk DIANA & I Officer Daniels Peter Cattaneo
Granada ITV CORONATION STREET Registrar (Recurring) Various
Red Productions ORDINARY LIES Police Constable Adams Juliet May
BBC LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX 2 Registrar Euros Lynn
Shine Productions HEX Jonathan Brian Grant
Channel 4 A VERY SOCIAL SECRETARY White Van Man Jon Jones
Stage Title Role Director
Agrippa Productions AVOIDANCE Damian Mike Heath
The Salmon Theatre LONESOME TONIGHT Terry Rebekah Harrison
The Lowery THE PLAY THAT KILLED ME R. C. Sherriff Justin McGregor
Commercial Title Role Director
Chief Productions PADDY POWER | DERBY Dentist Ben Tonge
Chief Productions FOXY BINGO | IDENTS Steve Nick Crossley
Re:Productions BARKER & STONEHOUSE Dad Mark Martin
Chief Productions LIDL Dad Ben Tonge
Anex Films MORRISONS Dad Oscar Cariss
Voice Over Title Role Director
CBBC BEYOND BIONIC Narrator Alex McMillan