Television Title Role Director
BBC Moving On (The Value) Bus Driver Noreen Kershaw
ITV Coronation Street Truck Driver Noreen Kershaw
ITV Emmerdale Electrician Tony Prescott
Mooncandy Wake Up England Chaperone Stephen Rigg
ITV Boy Meets Girl Bus Driver Alrick Riley
Film Title Role Director
Northern Misfits Clown Kill George Mark Howard
Moonspun Films The Selfish Giant Angry Driver Clio Barnard
Pleased Sheep Tash Force Presenter Michael Booth
Pleased Sheep Frank Diary of a Bad Lad Jon Williams
Commercials Title Role Director
HLA CO-OP Father Christmas Simon Ratigan
Passion Pictures Hewlett Packard Driver/Chauffeur TWiN
Stage Title Role Director
AWiP Productions A Walk In The Park Dave Elizabeth Gorman


ADR-Additional Dialogure  Recording / Comedy / Live Roleplay

Bowling / Cricket / Cycling / Darts / square / Swimming

Driving Licence / PCV Licence