Television Title Role Director
Rollem Productions IN THE CLUB Ambulance Man Jane Prowse
Lime Pictures HOLLYOAKS Solicitor Paul Rearden
Yorkshire Television EMMERDALE Clerk of the Court Tim Dowd
1A Productions KJB: THE BOOK THE CHANGED THE WORLD Lord Monteagle Norman Stone
Channel 4 SHAMELESS Solicitor Paul Walker
BBC THE STREET Harry David Blair
Granada TV CORONATION STREET RSPCA Officer Kay Patrick
Title Role CRIMES THAT SHOOK BRITAIN Dr Banks Mike Lehan
Yorkshire TV EMMERDALE John Widdicome Haldane Duncan
BBC LIFE ON MARS Detective SJ Clarkson
Channel 4 ASSAULT ON WACO Special Agent Neil Rawles
Scarlet Television TO CATCH A THEIF Butler Julie Bradshaw
Multi Media Arts | ITV REALITY BITES Chef Mike Spencer
Film Title Role Director
Austin Bros CRICKET Shane Dan Austin
Roof Top View NEWGATE Francis William Carter
Carey Films THE SPELL Jenny's Dad Owen Carey Jones
Tampere Art & Media THE ELCTRICIAN Hank Mina Alajarvi
Honlodge Productions 25 G Franny Williams Baldwin Li
Universal CHILDREN OF MEN Soldier Alfonso Cuaron
24/30 Cinema YESTERDAY Gangland Boss Ryan Daddi
Screen Yorkshire DREAMS ASHES Detective Rafe Clayton
Short Film Title Role Director
Oaktree Films I LOVE YOU Dad David Maddison
Oaktree Films TURNER'S WAR Duke of Portland Graham Williams
Screen Yorkshire KING PONCE Mr Simms Sam Donovon
Curtain Parloe Films SOMNIUM ILLIS Turner Paul Anderton
Commercial Title Role Director
Watts That HAVE YOUR SAY: LOCAL ELECTIONS Man One Thomas Littlewood
Multi Media Arts MEDICENTRE Delivery Man Mike Spencer
Onward Films HELP THE MD Andy Stewart Armstrong
Music & Dance:  Drums
Performance:  Voice Over
Sports:  Archery, Darts, Pool, Shooting, Swimming
Vehicle Licences:  Car Driving Licence
Other Skills:  Journalist