Television Title Role Director
CBBC TERRIFIC SCIENTIFIC Wolfblood Orla Mark Reynaud
AbbottVision | Channel 4 NO OFFENCE | S2 Claire Sarah O'Gorman
RED Prod. Co | Channel 4 TOFU Becca Benjamin Cook
Film Title Role Director
Faithfull Films BEBE A.I. Camilla Rebekah Fortune
Primus Media THE POD Jemma Frances Lusk
Classic Crane Productions GAME OF LIFE Angel Alex Waite
Gestalt Film Company THE BLACKOUT Izzy Alan Livesey
Stage Title Role Director
Front Row Theatre FOOD FOR THOUGHT Claire Matt Byrne
Tiny Giants CHOICES Lucy Liam Scott
Tiny Giants PERFECT Anne Liam Scott
Commercial Title Role Director
Taylor Herring KWIK FIT | SANTA’S WINTER CHECK Supervisor Jo Tanner
Tinker Taylor Ltd SAFELINE UK Adele Phil Pugh
Connected Pictures TRAVELPORT Girlfriend J.P. Lewis
Raising the Roof Productions Ltd SANTA'S BEST KEPT SECRET Elf Mark Oulson-Jenkins