Motion Capture Title Role Director
The Mill CRYPTOBLADES | KINGDOM Eira Earth Knight (Hero) Robert Sethi
NDA NDA TV SERIES Motion Capture Artist Roni Rodrigues
Amazon Prime CITADEL Specialist Action Brian Kirk | Greg Powell | Pete White | Nikki Powell
Splash Damage SPLASH DAMAGE NDA Lead Motion Capture Various
Auxuman | Target Ltd 3D NDA VIDEO GAME NDA Lead Ash Koosha | Negar Shaghaghi
Centroid SCHIRKOA Performance Capture - 242B Phil Stilgoe
Television Title Role Director
FFP New Media LOVE AND THIEVES: ROSAMUNDE PILCHER Chambermaid Alice Richard Engel
Stage Title Role Director
The Knights of Middle England DRAGON SLAYER Felice Karl Ude-Martinez
The Knights of Middle England A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM Titania Karl Ude-Martinez
The Knights of Middle England WAR OF THE ROSES LIVE Elizabeth of York Karl Ude-Martinez
The Knights of Middle England DRAGON SLAYER Megan Karl Ude-Martinez
Sun and Moon Theatre TWELFTH NIGHT | OR WHAT YOU WILL Olivia | Musician David Johnson | Melissa Barrett
Old Red Lion Theatre MISMATCHED Georgina Nancy Sullivan | David Thaxton
Bike Shed Theatre OUT OF ASHES Dad | Old Becky Alex Jackson
Restless Theatre Company MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Hero | Dogberry Sarah McCourt
Bike Shed Theatre REAL PERSON FICTION Jen Harry Kingscott
Commercial Title Role Director
Guild Esports GUILD | HYPERX PROMO Rachel 'Ragequit' Ross Danny Lopez
Uppercut Fight Company WILD WEST STUNTS Cowgirl (Fight Performer) Dean Ridge
Kyne Productions | Red Giant News VFX PROMO Scarlett Witch | Captain Marvel Marta Svetek
Merlin Entertainment THE FALCONER'S QUEST Falconer | Lead Yoni Wiesman