TELEVISION Title Role Director
ITV DCI BANKS Interview Panel Member Craig Pickles
ITV JERICHO The Rector Paul Whittington
Channel 4 HOLLYOAKS Clerk of the Court Tim Hopewell
LA Productions MOVING ON Businessman Reece Dinsdale
Abbotsfilm Productions NO OFFENCE Social Worker David Kerr
BBC MARVELLOUS Stoke City Fan Julian Farigno
Shiver Productions BRITAIN'S DARKEST TABOOS Rab Thomson Rob Darlington
FEATURE FILM Title Role Director
Film 35 Productions THE WEDDING Uncle Dave Ben Kelly
Workshop Productions REFLECTIONS Mr Shrefton Ashok Baker
SHORT FILM Title Role Director
UCLAN Films BASTION Angry Villager Dominic Hodge
Elstree Productions THEE Marcus, Lead Role Mia Anderton
UCLAN Films HENRY Barry Day Ben Kelly
Arcadia Films TIME SLIIPS Old Ben Steven Hyams
Arcadia Films JACK & THE NEST Jack Liam Swann
MUSIC VIDEO Title Role Director
Weirdwolf Media DISCONTINUATION SYNDROME BY RAZORRAWKS Homeless Alcoholic Tom Wolfenden
Elerby Studios SHAKE YOUR ASS, BY MAVMAC Postman Lee Bolton
STAGE Title Role Director
OLSJ Theatre Productions BLOOD BROTHERS The Narrator Suzanne Hall


Professional DJ / Radio Presenting / Compere / Autocue Trained & Experienced / Voice Over / Comedy Improvisation / Story Telling / Fishing / Table Tennis / Screen Combat Trained / Writer

DRIVING LICENCE / Forklift Truck Driving