Vodafone Corporate 2018


Television Title Role Director
ITV Emmerdale Nurse Various
ITV Coronation Street Prison Officer Di Patrick
Objective Productions Fresh Meat Lily Jamie Jay Johnson
ITV Emmerdale Nurse Alan Wareing
ITV Coronation Street Nurse David Kester
Commercial Title Role Director
Greenroom Films SKYSCANNER Woman Lucy Ball
Stage Title Role Director
Ice and Fire Theatre Asylum Monologues Julie Charlotte George
Royal Exchange Theatre Much Ado About Nothing Margaret (Standby) Maria Aberg
Talawa Theatre Company Enter Lindsey Anthony Ekundayo Lennon
Lucky Stuff Productions Shrew's Who? Biondello Suzy Catliff
Short Film Title Role Director
Ice & Fire Theatre Company After The Face Mary Charlotte George
Creative Talent Management The Wasp Carla Kevin Furber
Corporate Video Title Role Director
ID2 Media Vodafone Florist Mark Poole


Personal Trainer