FEATURE FILM Title Role Director
Daydreamz Productions KISS ME BEFORE I WAKE Wendy Christie David N McLaughlin
Pollock Pictures THE HEREAFTER Julie Goodwin Darren R L Gordon / Tom Majersky
DNA PR Films CYN Cyn Darren R L Gordon
STAGE Title Role Director
Manchester Shakespeare Company TWELVE NIGHTS Horsina Gina Frost
Verismo Theatre DEPARTURES : A SONG CYCLE British Rail Joe Bunce
SUTCO JERUSALEM Phaedra Jack Burkhill
SUTCO DEPTH OF FIELD Skylar Jonathan England
The Bear Project GOODBYE SUN AND BEAR Klara Max Cunningham


Singing – Alto, Cappella, Folk, Jazz, Lounge, Motown, Musical Theatre, R&B, Cabaret, Harmony, Pop, General / Dancing – General, Ballet / General Piano / Cyclling / Running / Spinning / Experienced Barista / Cooking & Baking / Painting / Computer Literate / Children’s Theatre / Comedy / Sketch / Stand Up / Musical Theatre / Physical Teatre / Poetry Reading / Brecht / Improvisation – General, Long Form, Short Form / Meisner / Method / Shakespearean / Stanislavski